(Albert and Nicola's Wedding Song)
True love lasts forever,
Coming right down from the Lord;
True love lasts forever,
It is your protective sword:
When destructive forces come,
As in every life they must do,
You will have each other's love -
It will strengthen and support,
And protect you.
Cherish one another's love,
For it comes from God above,
God is love the Scripture says,
And For each His will obeys -
Future years ahead are bright,
As we walk in His true light,
In His true light.
Now you've joined together,
And become both man and wife,
God has forged this union,
Which will last through all your life:
Hand in hand into the mist
Of the hidden years ahead,
You can know each day is planned,
As by God's Own hand you're led.
By Him you're led.
God gives love from heaven,
To the heart in tune with Him,
A love that grows and strengthens,
That through life will never dim.
Vows from loving hearts you make,
We would share this time and pray,
That your love will grow in strength,
Each and every passing day,
Each passing day.
(Alternative final chorus)
When a love is true and pure,
Then the future is secure;
For true love will never fade,
And no sacrifice is weighed,
As you share your love each day,
May God Bless You, this I pray,
May God Bless You.