Lord give Your blessing, on this child we pray,
Resting on Tasha, dedicated to-day;
Walk with her, talk with her, each day of her life,
Protecting from evil, that would give her strife.
For the gift of this life, we give Thee our praise,
May she love and serve You, for all of her days;
Help the parents to keep, the promise they make,
To lovingly guide her, in the pathway to take.
We who are Your children, would acknowledge Your love,
And thank You for sending, Your Child from above,
Born in a manger, He died on a cross,
So that He could save us, from eternal loss.
Help us to love You, as You loved us first,
Saving each who comes, from the best to the worst;
As we put our lives, confidently in Your care,
All our trust is in You, You will each burden share.


O our little one, you brought a smile,
Though on this earth for but a while.
Those few short weeks you won our heart,
It is hard, so hard, from you to part.
You brought us love, in such measure,
O little one, our priceless treasure.
I know not why God took you home,
You weren't allowed this earth to roam:
The beauty of Heaven is so much more,
Since you, my little one, entered the door.
God by His Spirit, gives comforting power,
As He is with us, each passing hour.
O God who gave Your Only Son,
To hang on a cross, 'till life was done,
We know You'll share our hurt and pain,
Until in Heaven, we'll meet again.
Hold us in your arms of love,
Until we re-unite above.