(Written for the Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. David Cameron, by Major Victor Ross)



The explanation it is all happening is simple, and has been covered up. To accept, reverse and deal with the reason will begin to completely repair the whole structure of the country.

The foundations on which our country was built have been eroded, broken and purposefully destroyed!

This is speaking about Christian foundations. The U.K. used to be known throughout the world as a Christian country. Our multicultural, multifaith and antibiblical society has grossly offended God by the endeavour to discredit and devaluate the essential values that used to be our solid foundations.


Preachers can even be arrested for preaching the truth of God's Word, the Bible. Christians have been arrested for fulfilling the directions and commands of God in their own lives! Some have lost their jobs, because they witnessed their faith by wearing a tiny cross necklace, or the teacher who was dismissed because she offered to help a sick pupil by praying for her. Others have been persecuted for refusing to allow what the Bible describes as an abomination, a very serious sin, a homosexual relationship to take place in their own home. In Britain, such a relationship used to be a prosecutable offence for which offenders went to prison. Now Christians can be prosecuted for stating the truth of God. Furthermore, how on earth can a Christian obliged to live their life in accordance with Bible principles perform a ceremony to join two people of the same sex in a civil partnership, or Christians fostering a child, pretend and lie to that child about gay relationships being normal? To expect Christian adoption and fostering agencies to disobey God's commands, and grossly confuse children by putting them to a gay couple is totally ludicrous!


Jesus made it very clear that a huge proof of His near return would be a society similar to Sodom & Gomorrah, which is where the term 'sodomy' originates, as it was a hugely homosexual society. (Luke 17:28-29) As we view the situation in our own country and the anti-Christian laws passed in this respect, and see that the same is happening in America and other places, then true Christians take to heart the words of Jesus when He said in Luke 21:28 “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.” In other words, His second coming is about to take place!


Has Satan blinded society’s eyes so much, that they cannot see the fruits of a godless society around us? We even have children committing murder! Yet still there has been an insistence to remove the influence for good that even Christian school assemblies can provide, in the formative years of the young generation.

One of the excuses for removing this influence appears to be that we might offend the religious sensitivities of new Muslim immigrants etc. This is based on a totally false premise, as was emphasized some years ago by Osama Saeed, who was spokesman for the Muslim Association of Britain. He agreed with Cardinal O’Brien, when the Cardinal said that restoring Christian ethics would help prevent a further slide in standards. Mr Saeed said that the lack of Christian standards had dismayed his fellow Muslims. He further stated that many Muslims, were surprised when they first came to the U.K. because they thought it was a Christian country, “but didn’t see much evidence of that”. Even Christmas is being forced into insignificance by so many councils etc. with the same offensive thoughts in mind. Some of the nicest nativity decorations that we have were bought in shops owned by Muslims! There is absolutely no thought of the offence caused to the Christian community in this country, and the God they worship!


Our schools are being hindered from even teaching the possibility of the existence of a Creator God or giving any Christian based moral teaching! Recent events have shown just how correct Cardinal O'Brien was!

Can we wonder why our whole youth culture is falling apart with young people becoming involved in crime, rioting and even murdering each other. They've never been taught anything else, and have no idea there is a God to Whom we will all have to answer, when one day we stand before Him in judgement!


Our children from an early age, are being taught about sexual activity without any morality or Christian direction. It is therefore no surprise that we have the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe, or that we lawfully murder over 200,000 unborn babies every year through abortion!

Can we therefore doubt that God,s judgement is falling upon us as a nation? No way! What is the answer? God Himself gives it very clearly in the Bible:

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

We definitely need our land healed, and God clearly gives the instruction of how it can be done.


We are well aware that the problems we face, are also happening world-wide, but the anti-Christian and anti-God activities are very obvious, and it would be strange not to expect the judgement of God to be falling upon so many places! The Bible shows us many similar aspects of what we see today. One example is Jonah, who although swallowed by the big fish, was sent by God to Nineveh, to warn them that if they did not repent of their sin, they would all be destroyed by God's judgement! However, they did repent and turned to God. The judgement of God was removed and they were forgiven – which could be the same for our own land, if there was a willingness to re-build the Christian foundations on which it was built.


I realise there is much within this article with which you will disagree. However, I still feel under obligation from God to present you with His truth, His judgement, and His willingness to accept the repentant sinner – even a repentant nation, and the forgiveness of God which is available through the resurrected Christ who died on Calvary's cross bearing our sin. We will continue to pray for you and the politicians who run our country, that God's hand of revelation and guidance will rest upon you.