READING: John 4:1-29


[a] Much has been said about this woman - the Liz Taylor of the New Testament.

[b] Obviously multiple husbands, like immorality is not a new phenomenon!

[c] I'm sure the Pharisees and other religious people of the day, would have looked at this woman, and felt that she was a lost cause - so steeped in sin as to 'not be the type' to be saved! [d] Thank God, Jesus always looks deeper than the surface - HE DOESN'T CONCENTRATE ON WHAT WE ARE, BUT IS AWARE, AND WANTS US TO BE AWARE, WHAT WE CAN BECOME, WITH HIS HELP!


[a] With this Samaritan woman, Jesus overcomes Jewish prejudice, even amazing the disciples by speaking to her.

He looked much deeper, and saw the deep searching in her heart that had been left so long unsatisfied!

[b] So many today, are, like this woman, trying every facet of the world to satisfy their longing souls - but in the words of the hymnwriter, "I tried the broken cisterns, but ah the waters failed, E'n as I stooped to drink they fled, and mocked me as I wailed."

[*] In our last corps, we had a little lad in the Sunday School, and he was called Callam. Now we were out on the Sunday School trip, and Callum had an Ice Cream, which unfortunately slipped of the cone, and fell on the floor.

We were all most amused to see him desperately trying to pick it up with his fingers, only to find it was to no avail, it just slipped through his fingers again.

[c] So often, people are convinced that somewhere in the experiences of this world, there must be satisfaction, and they are led a merry dance in trying to find it, often ending up with wrecked lives, as it just slips through their fingers time after tim


[d] Jesus was making the point to this woman!

The water, or anything else from this world does not give lasting satisfaction.

[e] He was offering her LIVING WATER which would satisfy FOR EVER!!


[a] This woman was absolutely amazed that Jesus knew all about her!

He knew all about her many marriages! He knew about her immoral life!

He knew all about her fruitless search for satisfaction!

She didn't need to tell Him any of these things!

[b] I'm reminded of a minister who arranged to meet for counselling, a woman who had made a decision for Christ the previous Sunday. She was late in arriving for the appointment. During the counselling, the minister, through the gift of knowledge, had a sudden insight flash into his mind.

He turned to the woman, and said, "I know why you were late! You are a prostitute, and you have just been with a client!" The woman broke down in tears, being forced to admit the truth, and becoming painfully aware, that nothing is hidden from the Lord!

[c] There have been many times in a counselling situation, when the Lord has revealed to me, specific things about the person being counselled that has quite amazed them!

[d] There is nothing the Lord does not know about you or me - so we need not try and hide anything from Him!

[e] We are transparent to His gaze!

He says, "I the Lord search the heart!"


[a] In verse 28, we find that she left her water pot, and rushed back to the town! Her purpose in coming, had been to draw water - yet she goes off without it! Why?

[b] Suddenly, the whole purpose and direction of her life had changed completely!

[c] Her first priority was now to tell others about Jesus!

She wanted to tell them how He was the giver of a REAL LIFE OF LASTING SATISFACTION - THE GIVER OF LIVING WATER!

She wanted to tell them her personal experience of Christ!

[d] I find it interesting that we read she told "the men" . Perhaps her lifestyle meant that the women had rejected her - she obviously had many male friends.

[e] The transformation in her life, must have been amazing, because many came to see and hear Jesus because of her witness.

[f] In verse 39 we read, "Many of the Samaritans of that city, believed on Him for the saying of the woman which testified, 'He told me all that ever I did'."

[g] This Man she met at the well, was the omniscient Christ Who knows all, the One to whom nothing is hid.
POINT 4 [a] They asked the Lord to stay for two further days, and we find that because of the woman's witness, there was quite a revival in that place, with many believing!

[b] They said to the woman, "Now we believe, not because of thy saying, for we have heard Him ourselves, and know that this is indeed the Christ, the Saviour of the world!"

[c] No second hand experience was going to do for them! They had sought the Saviour in a PERSONAL way! "Not because of what you said - but because WE have heard Him ourselves!"

[d] They had very obviously accepted this Jewish Messiah, to be the "Saviour of the World", with the inference that they had accepted Him as a PERSONAL SAVIOUR!

[e] Although they were the natural enemies of the Jew, and in fact it was not unusual for Jews to spit on them as they passed in the street, yet they were obviously open to the Gospel, and freely accepted the Saviour.



[a] It all came about of course because of the witness of the woman! All those people swept into the kingdom, and saved from a lost eternity, because of her willingness to TELL!

[b] Often people say, "I couldn't witness - I wouldn't know what to say."

[c] Be like this woman - JUST TELL PEOPLE YOU'VE MET JESUS!!

[d] What made them listen to the woman was the CHANGE IN HER LIFE!!

If they see that same change in you and me - they will listen to us too!

[e] If you do that, then it will be a simple matter of directing them to Christ - helping them find Him!

After all when you've been there - you know where to go!!

[f] But perhaps there is someone here and as yet you have not responded to the voice of the Lord and allowed Him to make that transformation in your life!

[g] The nail prints in His hands and feet tonight, will remind you how much He loves you!


  I dreamt the Lord came and stood at my bed;
                    A crown of thorns surrounded His head.
                  He said, "Oh my child, I love you so much",
              He reached out, and I felt the warmth of His touch.
                I said, "Lord tell me how much You love me";
              He reached out His hand so the nail prints I'd see.
              He said, "Look back in time two thousand years",
                  To my mind came a vision washed with tears;
                    I saw Him hang on a cruel Roman tree,
                  On a hill that was called Mount Calvary.
              From His hands and His feet, the blood ran down,
                    It trickled too, from His thorny crown.
                    I heard His voice both strong and true,
                  He said, "This my child, was all for you."
                      I bowed my head, and felt His pain,
                      His suffering for my eternal gain.
                    And when I awoke, at my bed I knelt,
                        Deeply moved by all I'd felt.
                    I heard Him say, "As this was for you,
                      Will you forever to Me be true?"
                  I must never forget the worth of the Cross,
                    For each one in danger of eternal loss;
                  The blood that flowed from His riven side,
                  That day on Calvary when the Saviour died,
                    Still cleanses from all sin and shame,
                      For He in His body took our blame.
                  As He loved us then, so He loves us now,
                  Though we cannot grasp just why - or how.
                He said, "Greater love hath no man than this",
                    Could any, such wondrous love dismiss?
                  We can but take this Christ to our heart,
                    And determine, never from Him to part.
                                                                             (Victor Ross)

[h] We would direct you to Him - the One Who can give you the LIVING WATER, so you will never thirst again!!

[i] He waits for you to come to Him just now! Will you??

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BIBLE READING - John 4:1-29
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