1st John 1:1-7


[a] My wife loves to walk, and in Peterhead, she loved to go out and walk for miles, visiting the old folks.

[b] But now that weíve moved to Port Glasgow, we live up a huge hill, and then as if to add insult to injury, you have to climb up yet another very steep lane, to get to our house! So believe me, you donít go out walking unless you absolutely have to. As she doesnít drive, it must be quite frustrating for Elizabeth my wife..

[c] On our holidays last year, we went to Newcastle, (Northern Ireland) and stayed in a caravan, so we often walked to the beach - our 2 year old granddaughterís first summer to really know what itís all about - and did she enjoy it!!! Making sand castles - paddling in the sea - burying her mumís feet! Not to mention of course, the inevitable very messy ice-cream!

[d] But we also enjoyed the scenery, the gentle sound of the waves.

The wonder of Godís creation - How great Thou art.


[e] When we were in Peterhead, we used to go down to the harbour on a Sunday night, and see the fishing boats go out after midnight. Talk about ships passing in the night! The sea was usually very calm, as they slipped past, just a few feet away.

You could often see the families waving goodbye to their loved ones, not knowing for certain if they would see them again. And sadly, as we know from the recent Sapphire disaster, sadly sometimes they donít.

[f] Sometimes indeed, our walk can be a tragic walk.

WE found this in 1982, when my wifeís brother, an RUC Police Sergeant, was murdered by the IRA.

They say that in everything, if we look far enough, there is always a reason to be thankful. He wasnít a Christian, and although David was ambushed by four gunmen, he lived long enough, for an officer friend of ours, Davy Kirkpatrick to get into the hospital, and lead him to the Lord.

WE truly give thanks to God for that. If it had not been for the circumstances, David could have lived normally, and never found the Lord, and gone to a lost eternity. But our sorrow was tempered with the knowledge that heís gone to Heaven.


[c] WE often speak about life as a walk - a very varied walk, and there are many different pathways which we must walk along - but of this we can be certain, the Lord does not ask us to walk them alone - He says, "I will be with you."

[d] Sometimes, for many different reasons, it can be a very difficult walk, and sometimes we feel like stumbling and falling, but the Bible says that Jesus "is able to keep you from falling."

Have you seen the little plaque with the words, "Nothing can come to me today, that the Lord and I canít handle together."

[e] There are those times when our walk can take us through loneliness, pain, even feelings of despair. OUR DAUGHTER JOY (See her testimony elsewhere on the site.).

My wife used to be walking the streets at 2 oíclock in the morning looking for her - and then she came to the point of realizing that we have a Heavenly Father Who not only cared for us, but Joy too, and she put into practice the Scripture that says in, 1Peter 5:7 "Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you."

[f] How many times have we spoken about being in someone elseís shoes?

Our granddaughter loves to put on other peopleís shoes, and sort of stagger about in them.

The story is told of a little boy, who on the way home from school, had a great time running through the rain puddles, and got himself soaked and messy.

As his father was giving him a good telling off, he interrupted to say that it wasnít his fault! His father asked how he could blame anyone else! After all, they were his feet, and went where he went!

"Yes dad" he said, "but they arenít my shoes! They belonged to my brother Chad until he grew out of them, and then mum gave them to me! So it must be Chadís influence!"

[g] I wonder how often, we consider that others are following in our footsteps!

Drunkard going off to the pub in the snow, and saw his little son jumping behind him, and asked what he was doing - "Iím only following in your footsteps" he said!

A careful man I ought to be,

a little fellow follows me.

I do not dare to go astray

For fear heíll go the selfsame way.

I cannot once escape his eyes,

For what he sees me do, he tries.

He thinks that I am good and fine,

believes in every word of mine.

I must remember as I go through

Summers sun and winterís snow;

Iím building for the years to be

the little chap who follows me.

Jesus asks that we follow in His footsteps!

Thatís what Heís doing when He asks us to follow Him, and be His disciples.

If we follow Him, we will be sure to be on the right pathway - one that leads to Heaven at the end of lifeís journey.