(Please be aware, that putting links to these sites, in no way is an acceptance of all they contain, doctrinally or otherwise, or indeed the links which you will find there.

Eat the meat and spit out the bones!)


Premier Christian Internet Television

Watch lots of Christian programmes on line


  Link to ''

A large and varied site hosted by Gospel Films Incorporated in the USA.

On line shopping also available!



A link to the home page of Rev. Christopher Mabb.

Christopher is a Methodist minister, and his pages are well worth looking through. Also some interesting links



Extensive site, with millions of hits a month.


Excellent Sermons by Rev. David Wilkerson (of 'The Cross and the Switchblade' fame)

David now pastors the Times Square church in New York - having come out of retirement to do so.



Spurgeon's Sermons

A brilliant archive



Site of the 'Jesus Army'

Many striking testimonies, and links.


Site of the Salvation Army in the United Kingdom.

You must see this site - on-line editions of The War Cry, and other publications, testimonies, information, spiritual helps, and links to The Salvation Army throughout the world.


The Salvation Army - Australia Eastern Territory

Another must see - excellent helpful material - including 'Pipeline'

online magazine


Swordsearcher Bible Software

Excellent Bible search shareware program, with additional add-on commentaries etc.


Creation and the Bible

Answers to questions that many, especially young people are asking today.


Religious Resources on the Net

Religious Resources on the Net is a comprehensive, searchable database of religious web sites on the Internet. Visitors to the web site can browse through over 100 topics or use the search engine to generate a listing of resources containing selected keywords. Covers other religions also.




AMAZING! AND IT'S FREE! Bible search and study program

It comes complete with, commentary, Bible dictionaries, topical concordances, maps, lexicons .... and more.

There can unfortunately be some difficulties installing in some of the new versions of Windows.

If you find this problem, there are some workarounds, and I might be able to help (

15.7mb file. Could take some time to download!