[*] God says, "A NEW HEART WILL I PUT WITHIN YOU." But what does He mean?

[a] We hear a lot today in various ways about the heart.

[b] One day, I saw an advert on the back of a bus, it showed a

picture of a rather worn looking heart, and said "I'M PUFFED OUT!"

As you can guess, it was an anti-smoking poster

[c] Then there was the highly publicised operations in recent years, where

people have had mechanical hearts implanted within them.

[d] No doubt of course, you know about the new breed of pig - not being

bred for it's bacon or pork chops, but for it's heart, which is to be

implanted into humans - kind of grow your own new heart idea. Certainly

a bit different from growing your own vegetables!

[e] Maybe it's a pity we don't come from Galifray, like Doctor Who -

then we would have two hearts!

[f] It reminds me of the joke circulating a few years ago, when woman

drivers were few, and men drivers were chauvinists! Do you remember those days?

[g] It goes along the lines that a woman was driving a Volkswagen

beetle car which of course had the engine in the boot.

The car broke down, and the lady got out, and looked under the bonnet.

Behold, no engine. Another lady driver, also in a beetle, stopped, and

asked if she could help. "O said the first lady, my engine's dropped

out, somewhere along the road, and I don't know what to do."

"O that's all right, said the second lady, I've got a spare one in the




[a] Now we are not Doctor Who, so we don't have a spare heart, and have to

look after the one we've got!

[b] The Bible speaks much of the heart, to do with spiritual matters,

and not speaking about the powerful little pump in our chest that pumps

the blood about our bodies!

[c] When you stop and think about it - even today we speak about the

heart, without really meaning the heart!

[d] Now old time Salvationists would say, ROLL THE OLD CHARIOT ALONG, AND PUT YOUR HEART IN IT, obviously not meaning the 'heart' as such.

If I said someone HAD HIS HEART IN THE RIGHT PLACE ....... (meant well)

If I said someone was HEARTBROKEN ..............(deep sorrow)

If I said, I'd HEARTBURN ............ (Stomach acidity) but remember the Emmaus Road

If I said I was HEARTENED ........... (encouraged)

If I said HAVE A HEART .............. (show mercy)

If I said something was with HEARTFELT THANKS ............ (sincerity)

And do I need to say anything to a Scottish congregation about having a


[e] So there are many ways in which we use the word 'heart' with

different meanings!



[a] Usually when the Bible uses the word, it is referring to that part

of us which controls and governs our actions - the seat of our

affections and desires. That is why we speak about 'giving our hearts to Jesus.'

[b] In Jeremiah . 17:9, we read that the heart is DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS,


We may not like to think of our heart in that way, but this is the Word

of God, and He means what He says!

[c] That deceitful heart will tell you, you do not need to be saved! It

will tell you you're good enough! It will tell you that you're better

than many people, and you don't need Jesus as your Saviour! It will

tell you that sin isn't as bad as it's painted!!

[d] In it's conceit, it can become like Pharaoh's heart in Exodus, after

he let the Children of Israel go, being convinced by the plagues - afterwards, it

says HIS HEART WAS HARDENED and of course he chased them.

[e] I have met many people whose heart has been hardened against the

Lord, and against the people of God!

[f] I have met people to whom God can no longer speak by His Spirit,

because they have given their soul over to the devil and the pleasures

of the world.

[g] I met a man, who took great delight in blaspheming God to my face,

when he saw my Salvation Army uniform!

[h] I have also met people who have rejected the offer of God's

Salvation so often, their hearts have been hardened, and they no longer

feel the desire to be saved - and the Bible says, "NO MAN CAN COME


[i] If you feel the desire to be saved tonight, I beg you, don't put it

off, don't harden your heart, because it could mean you ending up in a

Christless Hell!!

[j] The devil has been working on your heart all your life, no wonder

that heart tries to deceive you!



[a] Our reading also spoke about the heart being DESPERATELY WICKED!

[b] Now the DEVIL will soon tell you that is not so - and you're really

not so bad! DON'T BELIEVE HIM, for he is a liar from the beginning!!

[c] The Bible says we have all sinned and come short of God's glory!

It tells us, there are none who are righteous - not even one!!

[d] It tells us that our sin is so terrible, it sent Jesus to die on

the cross - so that we could have the opportunity to have it forgiven!

[e] For without that forgiveness, we could never be in Heaven.

Without that forgiveness, we would end up in Hell for all eternity!

[f] But thank God, with that forgiveness, we can have the experience

which the Psalmist speaks of in Psalm 51:10, when he says, "CREATE IN


[g] Thank God, it is not just an experience for the 'goody goody'

people but for the deepest dyed sinner!

IN Isaiah 1:18, "Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white

as snow."

[h] Do you know of anything as white as snow?? Even the greatest

washing powder, can't get your whites that white - they look gray in


[i] But God is saying I can get your heart THAT WHITE - IF YOU LET ME!



[a] I trust tonight, that you have the SOFT HEART, which the Bible

speaks of in Job 23:16.

[b] If your heart is soft, then it will be responsive to the voice of

the Holy Spirit of God.

[c] Let God deal with your 'heart trouble' tonight! Come to Him - and


[d] Remember, God says, "A new heart will I put within you."


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appeal chorus 64