Reading: John 9: 1-12

 Jesus was never hampered by the question of whether it was God’s will to heal or not. He fully believed it was God's will to heal, and he acted on that belief.

Christ’s method was not the same in every case. Let us look at the various ways he used.

a) By touch. 'He put his hands on them and healed them.' Mark 1:42, Luke 13:13, 14:4, Mark 1:42.

There was the physical contact, expressing compassion, and showing his concern.

b) By word of command.

Come and stand out here’. (Mark 3:3)

'Stretch out your arm'. (Matt. 12:13)

'Take your bed and go home.' (Matt. 9:6).

In each case obedience was required as the step of faith was taken.

c) By simple technique (John 9: 6,7) for a blind man, Jesus 'spat on the ground and made a paste with the spittle. He spread it on the man’s eyes and said to him: 'Go and wash in the pool of Siloam.' The man went away and washed, and when he returned he could see.'

Query: Why do you think Jesus used this method for this man? Was it to strengthen weak faith by having something to do to gain healing? Was it a specially difficult case? The man was born blind. We do not know but it is interesting to speculate.

d) by exorcism of an evil spirit. (Luke 4: 33-36). In reading the gospels we note that Jesus never laid hands on persons who were suffering from demon possession. He commanded the evil spirits to leave them.

e) By people clutching at his clothes as he passed. Read Mark 5: 25-34.

'Jesus was aware that power had gone out of him.' (v.30)

How could he know that this woman had touched him with intent, and not just jostled him as did the others who pressed about him? Those who minister the laying on of hands in our time feel a sensation of energy passing through them. Is this the same as Jesus felt?

But the woman only touched the hem of his garment. This must mean that his healing power radiated through his clothes. This would also explain the healing effect of Peter's shadow, i.e. his nearness, (Acts 5: 15, 16) when ‘the sick were actually carried out into the streets and laid there on beds and stretchers, so that even the shadow of Peter might fall on one or another...’ Also we can look at Acts 19: 11,12: 'Through Paul God worked miracles. When handkerchiefs and scarves which had been in contact with his skin were carried to the sick, they were rid of their diseases and the evil spirits came out of them.'

Discuss the various ways in which Jesus healed?

Was one better than another?