Luke 10:30-37

Luke 10:33 But a certain Samaritan, as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he had compassion on him,



[*] We could not fail to have noticed the young couple who married each other the day they met, chosen by a radio station for their compatibility, and sent on honeymoon to the Bahamas.

On their return they said, they ‘liked each other a lot, but were not in love.’

Love was never like this! There was another couple in Australia – chosen by a studio audience!


The false sages tell us not to marry for love because love doesn't last. It's as if doctors advised against sleep because we wake up afterward. A man who has slept awakens in a better mood. A couple that has known the passion of love has more resources than one born of the marriage of reason. Love creates tenderness, which survives passion.


[*] Valentine’s Day, and expressions of love have been weighing down the bags of the postmen everywhere. For them, love is a heavy subject! They might even look at it as a burden rather than a blessing – only kidding – love is never a burden.

[*] To the music industry – love is big business!! If they can get something that is soppy and sentimental enough – people like me will buy it, and they’ll make millions!

A few years ago, I bought my wife a record – a love song – she started to listen to it, and then just burst into laughter! It wasn’t exactly the effect I had in mind!

[*] The world’s brand of love, is often cheap, and tacky – very little to do with the gift and ability to love that God has placed in the heart of mankind.

He has much to say about real love – it’s endurance – it’s power – it’s effect – it’s durability!

I speak of course, not only of our love for God, but also for one another!

The chorus says "Let us go out, into the world, with love in our hearts."

[a] The Bible Commentator Matthew Henry says,

But the true Christian has the law of love written in his heart.

The Spirit of Christ dwells in him;

Christ's image is renewed in his soul

Jesus had compassion on us. The believer considers that Jesus loved him, and gave his life for him, when an enemy and a rebel; and having shown him mercy, he bids him go and do likewise.

[b] Throughout the world, human need is being addressed, very often by Christians, because the love of the Saviour flows through them, and like Him, they see the need, and they can do no other than have compassion.

Mother Teresa was a woman whose name had become synonymous with greatness. She simply believed, "We can do no great things; only small things with great love."

[c] PITY says "Oh dear, look at that poor person, the government or someone should do something to help," and then pass on their way. But COMPASSION looks in love and says, "Oh that poor person – I MUST DO SOMETHING TO HELP!"

[d] So often it comes home to me, through the things people say, they most definitely put the Salvation Army in the second category, that of compassion, where they feel we act out of love, to help those we see in need.

They often look at us, if you like, as the instruments of Christ, in continuing to show His compassion to the world.

[e] So often we read, that Jesus looked, had compassion, and then did something to remedy the situation! As His disciples, can we be any different – I don’t think so!

To my mind, if we are different, then we are not truly His followers, His disciples!


Christianity is founded on love!
"For God so loved the world ....."

Christian witness is founded on love!
"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples ...."

Our relationship with God is founded on love
"We love Him because He first loved us ......."

Our relationship with one another is founded on love!
"If a man say ‘I love God,! and hateth his brother, he is a liar!"

Our relationship with the world is founded on love
"Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him." 1 John 2:15

Matthew Henry again says,

A loving Christian is a perfect Christian; set him to any good
duty, and he is perfect to it, he is expert at it. Love oils the
wheels of his affections, and sets him on that which is helpful
to his brethren. A man that goes about a business with ill will,
always does it badly. 

[b] If the devil can quench our love, redirect it, or replace it with a cheap substitute such as lust, he will do his utmost to bring that about!

[c] Love amongst Christians, for God, for each other and for lost mankind, defeats the devil’s destructive plans!

[d] Someone has written a ten point plan for Church growth.

1. We must create a climate of happiness in the church. People must enjoy coming to church before it will grow.

2. There must be a loving atmosphere. God has given the world the right to judge the church by how we love one another.

3. The church that wants to grow must be Bible centred.

4. The members of the church must be enthusiastic.

5. There should be freedom rather than formality in it's worship and operation.

6. The growing church is evangelistic. It is deeply committed to reaching the lost for Christ.

7. A growing church must exercise biblical authority.

8. A growing church has a great vision. It has clearly defined it's purpose and it's goals.

9. A growing church must be daring... exercising enough faith to attempt new methods, when necessary, to reach it's goals.

10. A growing church is a praying church. We will be better at talking to people about God, if we are more consistent about talking to God.



[a] The Bible says, "GOD IS LOVE!"

Romans 5:8 "But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us."

[*] As Christians, we profess to follow, and indeed TO REPRESENT the One Who IS IN VERY ESSENCE – LOVE!

[b] In our Bible Reading, we read about a man, lying half dead on the road, and those who should have helped, just passing by and ignoring him!

[c] Do you know that people have collapsed and lay dying in the streets of our own country, and everybody has just passed by, supposing them to be drunk, and not wanting to soil their hands!

We can make excuses that they didn’t know – but the truth is, they didn’t bother to find out!!

[d] The Samaritan saw the man lying – by culture his natural enemy!

He had the best excuse of all to pass by! NO ONE would have expected him to stop!

[e] But he did! Why? Because he had compassion on him! He cared enough to do something. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN A MILLION WORDS!

[f] Let’s remember that IT COST HIM to help the injured man.

If you and I are going to show compassion, either as individuals or a corps – it will not come cheap – it will be costly – GOD EXPECTS US TO PAY THE PRICE!! WE ARE TO BE AN EXTENSION OF HIS LOVE TO MANKIND!

In following the Saviour, we too must reach out to those in need!



[a] As Christians, we sing words so often, in which we desire to be like Jesus.

[b] But when we stop and think about it – how much do we mean it?

How far does it reach?

[c] Perhaps there should be a re-dedication of our lives this morning, as the reality of what it means, comes afresh to us.

[d] Perhaps on this St Valentine’s Day, we should be taking a fresh look at the outworking of God’s love in our lives, and whether we have allowed any hindrances to get in the way.

[e] If there is a renewed dedication to be made, let’s make it now.

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