Reading Genesis 37;1-11


[a] In a number of the places we’ve lived, it’s been wonderful to see the splashes of lovely colour with the varied flowerbeds. So often we’ve said, “Look at that, isn’t it beautiful!” Surely as we appreciate the beauty of nature, our hearts must fill with praise to Him Who made it all!

[b] As a child, I went with our class and schoolteacher to visit the BBC in Belfast. What a thrill, to see the cameras, equipment, test cards and all the rest.

[c] But we also heard something of the new technology, which filled us with awe and excitement! It appeared almost science-fiction at the time - but they were actually developing a COLOUR TELEVISION!

[d] Colour TV has been with us for so long now, it is just common place! In fact they can now make TV screens to fill a whole living-room wall! The latest development is a THREE DIMENSIONAL TV which works in a large glass gas-filled dome, the picture being generated by three laser-guns pointing in from different directions. Yet again, the science-fiction of today, is in so many instances becoming the fact of tomorrow.


[a] Our wedding took place in the days of black and white photographs, which looks so dull in comparison with the colour photos of today.

[b] That reminds me, I just realised recently that I have a black and white memory! I know, some of you just thought it was poor! But it’s also black and white!

If someone takes me and shows me their new car, ask me five minutes later what colour it was, and I won’t have a clue! Not unless I stand, look at the car, and say to myself, that car is pink with purple spots!! I’m not colour-blind! I see in full colour, I just don’t remember the colours!

[c] Wouldn’t it be awful if we lived in a black and white monochrome world?

We could never behold the beauty of a wonderful sunset, or one of those multi-coloured flowerbeds I spoke about earlier, or appreciate the glorious blend of colours transposed from the palate to the canvas, by a talented artist.

Everyone’s clothes would be drab and dreary.

What on earth would the world be like without fluorescent punk hairstyles - green, purple, orange, or even a mixture.


[a] Colours often have a prominent place in the Bible - the most obvious I suppose is what is loosely referred to today as Joseph’s amazing Technicolor dream coat - the coat lovingly made by his father.

[b] His jealous brothers in no way appreciated the favouritism they felt was being shown to Joseph!

[c] When Joseph started having dreams putting him on a pinnacle above them all, they had had enough, and decided to get rid of him once and for all.

[d] What better way than to sell him into slavery, and take the coat back covered in animal blood, telling their father a wild animal had slain him.

[e] Through his dreams, God had revealed to Joseph something of the future. It was a kind of vision of what he could become under the hand of God!

[f] It is possible there is someone in this meeting, and God has revealed to you what He could make you - but you’re afraid to follow that path, because people may think you’ve got a inflated impression of yourself. BE FAITHFUL TO THE LORD AND HIS REVEALED WILL IN YOUR LIFE!

[g] All the evil that his brothers did to him, actually was instrumental in bringing about the will of God in his life, and under God, because he was faithful, he rose from a slave to a high ranking ruler in Egypt! And his whole family did end up bowing in homage before him in accordance with his dreams!

[h] It must have at times been difficult for him to visualise it all happening - when he was a slave - when he was falsely accused and cast into prison - and he couldn’t see the end from the beginning!

[i] Perhaps there are times in life when we feel “How can this be God’s will for me?”

At such times, let us not only remember Joseph, but also the words of the Apostle Paul in Romans 8:28, when in the Living Bible it says,

“And we know that all that happens to us, is working for our good if we love God and are fitting into His plans.”

[j] It is not always easy, but we must try and keep our faith, simple, uncomplicated and obedient!


[a] In the Bible you find that PURPLE was the colour of worldly riches.

[b] In Luke 16:19, Jesus told about the RICH MAN AND LAZARUS THE BEGGAR.

[c] In His description of the rich man, Jesus says, “he was clothed in PURPLE AND FINE LINEN.” The contrast to this was of course that Lazarus was clothed in rags!

[d] The high quality expensive cloth was dyed purple, and was not the sort of thing most people could afford.

[e] How wonderful it would be to be rich - or so so many think!

The problem is that so many of the richest people are spiritual paupers! SO IT WAS WITH THE RICH MAN! In spiritual things, the situation was reversed, Lazarus was rich, and the one with all this world’s wealth, was spiritually bankrupt!

[f] When he died, Lazarus was carried by the angles into Abraham’s bosom or paradise!

The rich man on the other hand died - and according to Jesus, wakened up in the agonies of the flames of Hell!

[g] Jesus told this story for a reason - to warn His hearers of the dangers of eternal damnation for those who die without having made their relationship right with God!



[a] The Prophet Isaiah says, “Though your sins be as SCARLET they shall be as white as snow.” (Isaiah 1:18)

[b] In the clothing trade, it is recognised that a SCARLET garment is DOUBLE-DYED. It is an indelible colour which cannot be removed. When a garment is scarlet, it is apparently scarlet forever.

Oh yes you can mask it with a darker colour - but underneath, it will still be scarlet!

[c] All sin in our lives is of that nature, it is double dyed into our souls, which is why we could never remove it ourselves!

[d] Jeremiah the prophet mocks those trying to wash their souls with their own good works.

In the Good News translation of Jeremiah 2:22, God speaks through Jeremiah, and He says, “EVEN IF YOU WASHED WITH THE STRONGEST SOAP, I WOULD STILL SEE THE STAIN OF YOUR GUILT.”

[e] There is no way the sin problem is a do-it-yourself job for the spiritual handy-man or woman.


[a] There is but one answer, in Matthew 27:28, we read, that when the soldiers were mocking Jesus, they stripped Him, and put on Him a SCARLET ROBE!!

[b] If they had only known how apt it was - the Scarlet robe, for the Saviour Who would deal with the SCARLET DOUBLE-DYED SIN OF THIS WORLD!!

[c] As He died upon the cross, He was truly the SCARLET SAVIOUR,  bearing all the vile, filthy disgusting sin of the whole world, past present and future! BEARING YOUR SIN IN HIS OWN BODY ON THE TREE!

[d] Have you accepted Him into your life yet as your Saviour?

Have you said “Thank you Jesus for dying for ME, for bearing MY sin!”

[e] If not, why not? Isn’t it about time? He loves you so much, and wants to save you just now! Will you let Him?

Prayer chorus no 24 for appeal (They are nailed to the Cross)

SONG                        TUNE

393                             703

Prayer chorus no 81

319                           673

Prayer chorus no 24

272                           836